Learning Science for life, not just marks.

80% of students lose their interest in Science after Grade 9. That’s because conventional schools don’t focus on what’s really important.

At StayQrious, we’re helping students learn science the right way: learning that’s fun, hands-on and helps them master concepts that are valuable for life, not just exams.


Curriculum Focus Areas

Helping kids learn “how to learn”

Our curriculum teaches kids multiple learning techniques that help students learn easier, faster and more effectively.
Traditional learning methods are like using a hammer to shovel dirt, but we give students the right tools for every job so they can become learners for life!

Multi-modal teaching

At StayQrious, we provide hands-on kits, simulations & more that are paced with the curriculum at no extra cost.

Science makes more sense when you actually perform experiments that are in-line with what you learn in class.

Enquiry based learning

Curiosity is a central pillar of our Science curriculum, which is designed to help kids ask “Why?” and arrive at “Aha!” moments with support. Research shows that when kids ask questions proactively and discover answers for themselves, learning sticks forever.

Mastery-based learning

We take ownership of your child's learning! We measure and ensure that every child is able to prove that they have learnt the topics. If a child hasn't shown mastery, we provide unlimited free remediation till they do!

StayQrious is a mastery-based school. You pay for outcomes, not for time.

A curriculum made for the 21st century learner

Courses inspired by Cambridge Curriculum, adapted for India

Co-created by Brian Johnsrud, Ex-Director of Learning, Stanford University

An active classroom of 6 students based on always asking questions and open collaboration in teams

Hands-on learning experience with science simulations, experiment kits, discussions & more


  • Grades 6 to 8
    ~1 Year

    Science Foundations: Year 1

    Creating the next generation of Scientific Thinkers

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    • MONTHS 0-6





      Atoms & Molecules



    • MONTHS 6-12


      Chemical Reactions

      Metals & Non-metals

      Acids, Bases & Salts



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  • Science Foundations: Year 2

    Starts after completing Science Foundations: Year 1

  • Science Advanced

    Starts after completing Science Foundations: Year 2

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Our course is aligned with the Cambridge International Curriculum, but has been adapted for Indian Curriculums such as CBSE, ICSE and various other state boards.

The reason? We found that an enquiry-based methodology is missing in the Indian education curriculae. However, our curriculum has been crafted and adapted for India to help your child breeze through Science after Grade 9, when a lot of other students begin to struggle with the subject.

Our focus is to enrich a students' knowledge in Science rather than to support exactly what they are studying at School. We recommend our course for students who aren't struggling with Science at school but are looking for something more that can - . Give them an intuitive understanding of core scientific concepts . Satisfy their curious minds . Strengthen their learning further & prepare them for the future of Science at School, College and life as a whole.

While we are not completely aligned to school syllabi, we have noticed most of our students scoring better marks at school after joining our course. That's because kids can score better when they deeply understand the core scientific concepts that we focus on helping them learn. We also have seen most of our students become more enthusiastic about learning and studies.

That being said, we don't like to make any guarantees about the kind of marks your child will score because it's not what we focus on. However, we definitely do guarantee that your child will love learning with us. If not, you get your money back!