Traditional Teachers

Learning Coaches

Kids of today are (very) smart - they don’t need answers, instead they need a guide who supports their learning, challenges and motivates them to get better!

That’s what Learning Coaches are: relatable, empathetic mentors that students can always open up to.

Coach Commandments

Every child must enjoy the classroom experience

Every child must feel confident in expressing their ideas

Every child must achieve their learning outcomes

Every child must become future-ready

Meet our ultra-cool learning coaches

Ex Khan Academy, BYJU’S

Many people are surprised knowing that despite being the CEO, I’m still coaching kids at StayQrious.

I love coaching kids and the tools on the StayQrious platform help me understand my students so much more than a physical classroom.

Ex-Football Coach

Having been a Football Coach for a year, I’ve seen the important role a “never give up” attitude plays in a student’s journey.

I turned to becoming a Learning Coach because at StayQrious, we focus on those same skills to not only teach kids concepts but also prepare them to become lifelong learners with a growth mindset!

Ex-Teach for India fellow

I chose to work in the education sector because I yearn to become the kind of teacher I have missed having in my growing years.
In retrospect I find that not just my students, I too am becoming a happy, independent learner for life; as I try to bring this vision alive every single day in my classes!

What’s the magic sauce our coaches have?

Our coaches go the extra mile

Apart from the personal attention the coach gives your child during class, our coaches go the extra mile and provide unlimited 1-on-1 sessions for every student until they hit learning outcomes.


Our coaches are trained in Child Behavioral Psychology

Our coaches understand that children need extra stimulus to learn and every child learns at a different pace. They personalise learning methods for each child to make sure kids feel excited about learning and can’t wait for the next class!


Our Coaches are Laser focused on Learning Outcomes

We’ve removed all the “work” from teaching. With each session being pre-planned and approved by a Board of Curriculum Experts, our coaches focus on what they do best: giving your child the personal attention they need to hit learning outcomes.


Our coaches are handpicked

We have a rigorous 6-step selection process with Care and Empathy being two major factors we test as part of our selection criteria. Only 1% of applicants make it through to the end to ensure that your child is learning with the best coaches in India.


What our parents say about our Coaches

Testimonial for Learning Coach Chaitra

I have never seen Tapas talking to a teacher with so much comfort, he even messages her on WhatsApp and his coach, Chaitra always helps him out. I don't know coding, but my son is learning new things in every class. Thanks to the coach, Chaitra!

-Poonam, Tapas’ mom

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

We leverage technology to provide the best curriculum and instructions as well as measure learning outcomes at every step. This is regularly reported to the parents.

Explore our Curriculum

For the coaches, we have a rigorous 6 step process to only pick the best applicants which is followed by 2 weeks of thorough training.

Our coaches are well versed in the subjects and have taught multiple batches. We believe in the “lead learner” model where the coaches are trained on showing how to find an answer when you get stuck rather than giving the answer away. This helps students discover the answer themselves and deeply understand the concept at hand, rather than lean on rote memorization.

We make every possible effort to match children with coaches we think would be a fit for them.

However, after 4 classes if you feel your child is not enjoying the classes, we would definitely assist in finding another coach for you.