What if learning subjects felt like playing a team sport?

StayQrious is India’s new operating system for education that helps kids gain important skills and attitudes that schools don’t teach and exams never test.

Live online coding courses for kids of grades 4-9

Coding Fundamentals

STEM foundations

How to learn, think, and solve problems creatively.

How to lead teams and communicate confidently.

Learn TO Through Code

Founded By

Aanand Srinivas 

Ex Content Head @ Khan Academy and Byju's

Educator with millions of student fans across India

"When I went to work in the US, I saw that I could solve a complex physics problem faster than anyone else there but no one had ever asked me in my life "If you had $15M and two years, what ambitious problem will you work on?”. I realised I had never been trained for such questions. We are spoon-fed and taught to be obedient executors all our life by our education system. We are rewarded for quickly answering someone else's questions, not for coming up with our own questions. With our own original ideas. I want every child born in India to know that the world is theirs too. And that they have as much right to change it by asking original questions as anybody else out there. I want every child born here to have intellectual bravery more than just exam skills. To confidently take up their role in the world, of changing it. That's the dream"

Why do so many students
begin to dislike learning?
So, what makes the StayQrious way of learning 10X
better than anything else out there?
No lonely learning. Learning teams instead:

Instead of training students to learn alone and just compete with their classmates, we teach students how to collaborate as a 6 member learning team. They learn by discussing, debating, building projects and competing together as a team.

No fixed timetable. Mastery based learning instead:

Instead of being rushed to the next topic just because time’s up and it’s 11 am on a Thursday or something like that, students will be given ample time to understand each concept at their own pace, and move to more advanced concepts only after they demonstrate mastery.

No boring lectures. Videos and creative tasks instead:

Our videos and creative tasks are based in learning science and go beyond the usual multiple choice questions we see today. For eg. Students will make a video explaining a concept to fellow students, build a fully working project, or draw a concept map connecting different topics.

No traditional teachers.
Learning coaches instead:

Instead of using humans to deliver one-size fits all lectures, we will use humans where their time is most valuable – to provide children with feedback, encouragement, and accountability.

No needless pressures. Effective learning techniques and habits instead:

All through school, students feel pressured to study more but no one teaches them how to learn. This struggle causes students to get frustrated and even dislike learning. We will teach and nudge students to use evidence-based learning techniques (mindfulness, pomodoro technique, recollection practice, spaced repetition etc.) and reinforce their growth mindset and grit.

The Curriculum 

Our curriculum for coding is based on our deep research of the CSTA standards that are trusted by millions of schools and educators globally. We have combined the rigour of  globally trusted coding standards with our experience teaching millions of kids in India to create, for the first time, coding content that will be culturally relevant for our kids. Our curriculum focuses the child on asking curious questions and developing a deep foundation in coding. We then teach other STEM subjects through coding in more advanced courses. Imagine learning how Newton’s laws work by simulating it with code instead of listening to a lecture. This way, for the first time ever, we’ll create a generation of kids who’d have built expert level coding fluency by applying it to other subjects and an unbeatable STEM foundation and all this even before they’ve entered high school.

Students and parents love us!!