Foundations Program


The first step your child will take in gaining essential knowledge, skills & mindsets that schools don’t teach and exams don’t test, enabling them to become independent learners for life.

Course Outcomes

STAYQrious Learning Approach


Start with a curious question

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Build on your own with the support of a learning coach 

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Discuss & collaborate with your learning buddies


The program is divided into three journeys. Each journey begins with a 1:1 session to set learning goals that are right for your child. We deeply care about making sure your child succeeds. So, at the end of the journey, if your child needs extra classes for support, we’ll schedule them at no extra charge for you.

Coding concepts based on the international CSTA standard

What they’ll learn

Why logic matters more than syntax when it comes to coding and learn to arrive at the right algorithms.

Spotting patterns in code and using loops to make code shorter and more beautiful.

Coding and creating regular geometrical shapes, developing a deep intuition for angles and regular polygons. Thus noticing that the barriers between subjects are man-made and appreciate the beauty of geometry through code.

What they’ll Create

Using this journey’s concepts and their creativity they’ll design a motion logo or game character they are excited about such as the Captain America Shield or the Minecraft character.

What they’ll DEMO

At the end of this journey, they will present their project and code as a team to an audience of students and coaches to feel the thrill of creation, communication, and team competition.

500 lines of code written in this Journey

What they’ll learn

How we can teach a computer to make decisions by using conditional statements such as If, else-if, while loops, and until loops.

Are Alexa and google home always listening to us? How can we use event driven programming to answer this question? 

How computers store information by exploring the concept of variables.

What they’ll Create

Using their newfound knowledge of sprites, variables and event handlers, they will build and play their first game. They will build something they are excited about such as a harry potter game or the random hat game or a simulation of the reflection of light.

What they’ll DEMO

Once again, at the end of this journey, they will present their game, explain the design choices they made, and the logic behind their code to a larger audience of students and coaches to get more comfortable with communication and presentation. They will be competing as a team with other learning teams of StayQrious and win prizes.

1000 lines of code written by this Journey

What they’ll learn

How can we teach a computer and ourselves to be even more lazy by teaching using a new concept called functions. 

Putting together what they learned about variables and loops by playing with ‘for loops’ and understanding the concept of iteration.

What they’ll Create

They will be required to demonstrate mastery of all the foundational concepts learned so far by designing and building an end-to-end complex game that can be shared and played by their friends usually spanning 100s of lines of code.

What they’ll DEMO

In the last mega presentation, they will demo their game, their design philosophy, and the logic of their algorithm to a large audience that includes students, judges, and parents and experience the thrill of competing and satisfaction of completing a meaningful learning experience as a team.

1500 lines of code written by this Journey







Critical Thinking



FEW OF OUR Learning Coaches

Coach Ram

Ram Prakash

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Every student who completes the course and presents their final project will receive a certificate from StayQrious signed by Aaanand Srinivas and their Coach

We have a no questions asked refund policy. You will receive pro-rata refund for the remaining part of the course incase you are not satisfied with the course for whatever reason.

We start with the ‘Blockly’ language in the foundations course and move to Javascript after that. Blockly was built by google and is used in Schools across the United States as well as in universities such as Harvard and Berkeley.